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"In this volume of 'More People's Potteries Stories', Dorothy Johnston introduces pottery operations not covered in the first book, as well providing more detail on some potteries already covered in that volume.
   As was the case in 'The People's Potteries' Johnston's approach has whenever possible been a very personal one, making contact with people to obtain first-hand information that would otherwise be eventually lost...In this way she does Australian social, industrial and retail history a great service"


   Dr Paul Donnelly goes on to write in his Foreword - "Barely a week goes by without having to reach for Dorothy Johnston's first volume, 'The People's Potteries', published in 2002.
   In my capacity as curator responsible for Australian pottery at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum, I have found Johnston's research invaluable for providing information about Sydney's post WW11 pottery industry.
   The wealth of information amassed by Johnston has been useful for preparing acquisitions, writing display labels and database statements - and especially answering the increasing numbers of public enquiries from collectors.
   I am pleased that 'More People's Potteries Stories' provides the same breadth and depth of information as the first volume and will similarly play a part in encouraging and increasing interest in the collector's market."


In May 2009, 'The Age' and 'The Sydney Morning Herald' ran a column by James Cockington which states - 'Dorothy's books come highly recommended...it is probably no coincidence that it was followed soon after by a sharp rise in prices at auction for Australian ceramics...'
   This reinforces the views of Terry Ingram writing in The Australian Financial Review back in 2002 when he predicted...'The People's Potteries' will increase the understanding of post war Australian pottery and transform the market in it.'

Book Contents

Foreword - Contributed by Dr Paul Donnelly, Curator, Design, History & Society, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.




The Potteries

Albaware, Bettys Evans, Braemore, Classic Art Ware, Coo-ee, Cooper and Cooke, Coronet, Daisyware, Davey Ware and Port Elliott, Dayel, Diana's Boys and Girls, Dyson Studio, Gardenia, Garrett-Sayers, Gemopal, Gorokan, Greenway, Huntley, Is It a Seccombe?, Jack Merton, Lightning Ridge, Marie Gardner, Noelene, Tesmic.

The Writing of 'The People's Potteries' book

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