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Dorothy Johnston's 2002 book 'The People's Potteries - Stories of the Art Potteries of Sydney' on Post WW11 semi-commercial and hobby potteries was one of the driving forces behind the dramatic increase in interest in what was then a largely undiscovered area of Australian Art.

   Her book takes you for a journey into the ceramic art of small businesses such as Diana, Studio Anna, Pates, Casey, MCP and Florenz Potteries. Most of these studios were started by European migrants whose stories make fascinating reading.

   Dorothy's recently published companion book, 'More People's Potteries Stories' documents 24 more potters not covered in her first book, as well as expanding on some of the potteries already covered in the first volume.



(The People's Potteries - Stories of the Art Potteries of Sydney)

"This is an invaluable introduction to a sparsely documented field of Australian ceramic history... Dorothy Johnston has been relentless in her concern to document what she could before the stories could no longer be told."
Grace Cochrane, Senior curator, Australian decorative arts and design
Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, 2002.


"The greatest value of this book is in bringing together the stories of people involved in the craft potteries of the post-war years. A vibrant picture emerges of the energy, creativity, technical innovation - the struggle to establish and maintain these businesses. It is unique in providing first-hand accounts... This book also includes historical background, basic facts for each of the potteries and tips for collectors."
Meryl Potter, Reviewer and Editor of Ceramic texts.


(More People's Potteries Stories)

"Dorothy Johnston is to be congratulated on her renewed efforts to supplement her earlier work, and the results conducted at great personal expense, are to be applauded."
Dr Paul Donnelly. Curator, Design, History & Society
Powerhouse Museum, Sydney 2009.


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